Jersey Sinkers SFC Juniors is a growing part of this fishing club, with a number of keen young anglers wanting to get involved. The junior’s section is run by Senior Sinkers members along with the help of some of the parents to make this an enjoyable experience, while also providing the opportunity to learn and be involved in friendly competition.

We require that a parent be a fully paid up Sinkers member for their child/children to be fully associated members.

The Sinkers membership calendar runs from 1st December to 31st November, and within this period there are arranged competitions with prizes, while also having a league format running the full 365 days of the year. The league format allows junior’s to fish whenever and as often as they like, meaning any fish above the minimum specified weight qualify for the league. The heaviest fish of each species earning points based on Jersey record percentage, and can be improved at any point throughout the year if they succeed in capturing a fish larger than one they have already entered.

At the end of each year there is an fun and friendly prize giving event to celebrate the achievements of all our junior members.


If your child is interested in joining our club, and you wish to get more information, please visit www.sinkersjersey.co.uk/contact-us and fill in the form.