Competition Schedule 2018

This section is for all members who wish to take part in our monthly species competitions. These are all run over a 48 hour period. Anglers may commence fishing at 6pm Friday evening, with the final weigh in being at 6pm on Sunday evening (unless stated otherwise).


Weigh in is located at the Old Barraques D1, which is situated on the corner of South Pier.


The current committee is as follows:



Steve Mullins


Neil Dingle


Karren Aubert


Lee Jarvis

Trophy Custodian

Michael Duverger



Daniel Ferguson


Barrie Aubert


Mark Richard

Competition Organiser

Leigh Mullins

Record Keeper

Andy Garnier



BEACH COMPETITION            Saturday 17th February   6pm – 9:30pm

Fishing for the Franklin family trophy (Market Tackle Shop), venue & rules to be announced 2 days before as beach choice will be weather dependant. Keep an eye on Facebook for full details and announcements.



Monthly 48 hour Competition Dates 2018

Ray 6th – 8th April Catch & Release
Garfish 27th – 29th April
Bream 11th – 13th May
Wrasse 27th – 29th July Catch & Release
Mullet (Thick lipped) 10th – 12th August
Conger 14th – 16th September Held alongside Jersey Conger Festival (festival rules apply)
Bass 26th – 28th October Held alongside Jersey Bass Festival (festival rules apply)
Flatfish 2nd – 4th November

Bass on Measure schedule 2018

B.O.M round 1 2nd – 4th March
B.O.M round 2 30th March – 1st April
B.O.M round 3 18th – 20th May
B.O.M round 4 15th – 17th June
B.O.M round 5 13th – 15th July
B.O.M round 6 7th – 9th September
B.O.M round 7 (Final round) 26th – 28th October (Held alongside Jersey Bass Festival)


Festival Dates 2018

Jersey Open Shore Angling Festival 25th August – 1st September
Jersey Open Shore Conger Festival 14th,15th,16th September
Alderney Angling Festival 6th – 13th October
Jersey Open Shore Bass Festival 26th,27th,28th October