Club Rules

Here you can find the rules that all members of the Sinkers Sea Fishing Club must adhere to in order to participate in, and qualify for the annual league and monthly competitions. You can also find information on points scoring throughout the year for the running league, and the ways for catches to qualify in order to uphold our stance in relation to conservation.

Competition Rules

  1. Only 2 rods, reels and lines, with a maximum of 3 hooks per rod may be used at any time.
  2. Double, Treble, or 2 hooks, tied as a Pennel rig or Piggyback rig, count as 1 hook. Wishbone rigs tied with 2 Hooks Count as 2 hooks.
  3. Shore marks must be able to be reached on foot, except for Elizabeth Castle.
  4. During shore competitions fishing from Ronez Quarry and the pontoons will not be permitted.
  5. Fish must be weighed in by the closing time to qualify for the competition.
  6. Fish caught on Feathers will be eligible only if no more than 3 feathers are used.
  7. Open competitions held by Sinkers will be covered by separate rules which will be published at the time of the competition.



Points, Records, and Trophies

  1. Eligible fish must be weighed in within 48 hours of capture.
  2. The weighmaster must be informed if any assistance in casting or landing was given.
  3. The weighmaster presiding must be satisfied with the details of capture.
  4. A points system will operate during the year (for shore and boat anglers) based on the best specimen for each species weighed-in (Above minimum club weight) and converted to points based on the percentage of the Jersey record as at 30th November of the preceding season.
  5. Any member successfully claiming a new record will receive the following points instead of percentage points

New Club Record     100
New C.I. Record      150

New Jersey Record     125
New British Record     200



  1. Casting for another member is forbidden unless the angler is an invalid due to illness or accident, in which case the weighmaster must be notified.
  2. Handling of another angler’s rod or reel is not permitted except in (Item 1).
  3. The use of a net or gaff is permitted, provided that only the leader is touched by the assistant. In these cases the last 30 feet of line is deemed ‘The Leader’.
  4. Some leeway may be given to novice juniors in regards to assistance.


  1. The rate for annual subscriptions, joining fees and competition fees shall be decided at the A.G.M. but may be altered during the year if deemed necessary by the general committee.
  2. The general committee reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership.
  3. The general committee shall have the right to amend, alter or enforce any and all of the above rules and their interpretation shall be final and binding on all members.