B.O.M – Bass On Measure



  • Lure and bait fishing are in the same section. Catch & release.
  • Bass are to be measured on either a professional measure designed for measuring fish or one provided at the beginning of each event to be returned at the end of the round(limited availability). At the beginning of each round rulers are to be checked by one of the competition organisers and tags will be provided.
  • Pairs is optional and can be entered at the beginning of each round.
  • All pairs will automatically be entered for the individual event.
  • Minimum size 42cm.
  • Fish entered must be photographed clearly & in focus on a ruler designed for measuring fish
  • No pictures with obstructions of the head or tail will be accepted, such as lures, fish grips and hands
  • Tags need to be in the photograph
  • Fish must be alive when photographed
  • All fish measured will be rounded down to the nearest CM
  • Longest single bass only qualifies for each round
  • Longest 1 bass per person to qualify for each pair per round (Each person needs to catch a qualifying bass to accumulate a pairs total)


  • Individual Championship – Total combined length of the longest bass from each round (best 5 of 7 rounds)
  • Longest Bass Trophy – Length of longest bass caught during all rounds
  • Individual Single Round Prizes– Only longest bass counts. 1st, 2nd & 3rd
  • Pairs Single Round Prizes – Longest 2 bass per team. Have to catch 1 bass each. 1st,2nd, 3rd


B.O.M round 1 2nd – 4th March  
B.O.M round 2 30th March – 1st April  
B.O.M round 3 18th – 20th May  
B.O.M round 4 15th – 17th June  
B.O.M round 5 13th – 15th July  
B.O.M round 6 7th – 9th September  
B.O.M round 7 (Final round) 26th – 28th October (Held alongside Jersey Bass Festival)